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Cats Under The Sun – Stamped Cross Stitch Kit


A remarkable colorful cat family enjoying their time sitting under the warm blissful sun!

A FEAST for the eyes!

Name: Cats Under The Sun
Kit: embroidery fabric, embroidery floss, needles, clear blueprint, instructions
Colors: 23 colors

Fabric Size: 25 by 35 cm
Fabric: 11-count printed cloth
Embroidery floss: high quality cotton thread
Embroidery needles: 2 pieces
Strands: 3 strands are used for full stitch, 2 strands are used for back stitch

The pattern has been printed on the cloth, so before finishing stitching, the cloth cannot touch water, otherwise the printed part will be gone. After finishing stitching, put the cloth in water for half an hour (no marks are left after washing), make it dry, then you can frame it.

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